About Us

 wooden cods

Owned and operated by Peter and Michelle O’Connor                              Established 2016

Ware Pond Woodworks grew out of our enthusiasm for woodworking and fine art.  We enjoyed creating cleanly designed wood pieces for our home, as well as for friends and family.

Our artistic hobby soon became a small business for us when we were approached by the owners of Golden Cod Woodcarvings.  The owners were moving out of the country and asked if we would carry on the golden cod tradition here in Marblehead.  We were more than honored, as we have spent most of our lives here, raised a family here and welcomed having another connection to this wonderful community.  We happily purchased the exclusive design rights to all the pieces, expanded our workshop and began to create these beautiful golden treasures.

Every one of our pieces is custom made—all are hand carved and gilded in 23K gold leaf by us.  This traditional method, we feel, is the best way to maintain the artistic integrity and ensure every piece is one of a kind.

We hope you enjoy our seaside collection and the tradition they represent.

carved cod


As featured in Vineyard Vines ‘Real Good People’ Fall 2019: